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Window Cling A4

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•  Easy to use, high quality, window cling laminating sticker paper
•  Use a printed image cut from a magazine or create and print out your own unique design
•  Create rear window car stickers, charity stickers, office stickers, school stickers and club stickers
•  Can be removed and reapplied many times without leaving a residue or losing its tack

This window cling laminating paper is the easiest to use window cling sticker that we have ever found. Anyone can now make their own professional looking window cling stickers, using any kind of paper, the possibilities are endless.

First you need to design your image, you don't even have to use a computer you could just draw your own. If you are using a computer, print off your design using any kind of paper, laser or inkjet, it could even be card or coloured paper. It's entirely up to you what you use.

Next you need to take one of the clear window cling sheets. Peel off the adhesive backing and stick the sheet directly onto the printed surface. You now have an image which is covered with a plastic film, very similar to a laminating sheet. Then peel off a second clear adhesive layer which is on the top of the first plastic film or laminating sheet. You will need to use your thumb or a sharp knife just to catch the edge of this layer. This layer is very thin and reveals a slightly sticky surface to help your window cling sticker stick to the inside of the window.

Stick your sticker onto the inside of the window and hey presto you have your own window stickers, they look so professional. When you get bored of them or want a change just peel them back off and you are left with no residue, you wouldn't know they had been there.

Clear, A4 sheets, 360gsm. (Pack of 5)