Printable Acetate; for use on; OHP, Cake making, Projection, Meetings, Teaching
Acetate can be used: project an image on a wall, draw image on the wall
Project Displays, Art
Print bar charts for meetings, conferences
teacher aid, printing in colour

Micro Porous Inkjet Printable Acetate | Screen Printing | Silk Screen | A3 | A4

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⭐ MICRO-POROUS TECHNOLOGY - The milky, micro-porous surface absorbs inks to create a dense image essential when it's being used to block out UV light with screen printing emulsions, specially formulated Micro-porous coating that allows the ink to dry instantly.
⭐ FILM DOES NOT REQUIRE A PEELABLE STRIPE - The Film does not require a peel able stripe to trigger the feed mechanism in some Ink Jet printers, as due to its slightly milky appearance it triggers any feed sensors.
⭐ INK JET PRINTER COMPATIBLE - Approx. 130 micron stable polyester print with any Ink-Jet printer, and particularly popular with EPSON users, Suitable for dye and pigment based inks.
⭐ MULTIPURPOSE USE - Acetate is clear and shiny on both sides of the sheet. It is used to produce overlays, graphic arts, and prints. It is biodegradable and has been used in the printing industry for decades because of its stable performance process.
⭐ HIGH QUALITY ACETATE FILM - These sheets are the Highest quality available acetate sheets a4 can be printed on computer using ink jet printer  and  The best quality photo stencils can be made from this film. You can also draw onto this film using permanent markers.

This is a best-selling best micro-porous Film for Inkjet printers available on Amazon.

  • It is available in two sizes – A3 and A4.
  • It is a film made of high quality acetate specifically designed for inkjet printers.
  • It is designed to create stencils for screen printing.
  • The milky best micro-porous Film for Inkjet surface of the film is created to absorb the ink from the printer and create a dense output of the image.
  • It is also used as an alternative of permanent markers.

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