Dry Rub Off Decal Paper

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•  Transfer images onto hard surfaces without the need for water
•  Incredibly simply and so versatile, brilliant for cardmaking, dolls' house interiors and modelling
•  Achieve fabulous hand-painted effects when applied to wood, can also be applied to card, plastic, fabric and metal
•  Use clear paper for light coloured surfaces
•  Use white paper for dark coloured surfaces
•  Create your own unique transfers using an inkjet or laser printer

This amazing paper will enable you to create your own unique 'dry rub-off' transfers with your printer - either inkjet or laser. Easily!

This versatile paper is so popular it's quickly become one of our top sellers. It's brilliant for model-makers, and for anyone who loves customising things. Crafters, card-makers, dolls' house-lovers and scrap-bookers keep coming back for more!

Where this paper comes in to its own, is with furniture upcycling, you can give old outdated furniture a new lease of life.  Printing furniture decals up to sizes of A3.  Our paper has made itself a firm favourite with many upcycling, furniture refurbishing, and home DIYers. 

As all model makers and crafters know, the advantage of dry rub-offs is that you can transfer images onto hard surfaces like paper, card, plastic, fabric and metal without using water (they're not for soft surfaces like wax and soap, which need our 'water-slide' decals). If you apply these decals onto wood, you'll get a fabulous hand-painted effect.

When you create and print your own decals, there's no waste: no unwanted images. And as long as the leading edges are cut at right angles you can put our dry rub-off decal sheets through the printer time after time.

Choose the decal paper according to the surface you will be applying the decal to: clear paper for light-coloured surfaces and white for dark ones.

This decal consists of two sheets: a printing sheet and an adhesive sheet.


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