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Laminated Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper

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•  Easy to use decal papers for applying to any non-porous surface
•  Perfect for die-cast modellers, the decals can also be used on painted wood, glass, plastic, soap, metal and even wax candles
•  No need to seal your decal with a spray varnish just run it through the laminator before applying it
•  Clear paper for use on light backgrounds
•  Make beautiful, personalised gifts and decorations for the home

Just like our popular Inkjet Water-Slide Decal Paper but if you own a laminator, you can spare yourself the hassle and time it takes to seal your decal with a clear acrylic varnish.
These are the papers you need if you want to apply your decals to any non-porous surface but don't need to put the finished object in the dishwasher. (You can handwash them in hot soapy water without the images fading or flaking off.) Our 'water-slide' papers are a 'dream come true' for model-makers: now you can make unique decals for all your trains, boats, planes, die casts, remote control models and the like. They're also perfect for transfers onto wood that has been painted or sealed, glass, plastics and melamine (for decorative plates, for example), soap and metal objects: no need to buy different papers for different surfaces.

Use our laminated inkjet water-slide decal sheets to make all sorts of personalised gifts for friends and family (and for dolls and their houses!).

Choose the right sheet according to the colour of the surface to which you will be applying the decal: broadly speaking you'll need clear paper for light backgrounds and white paper for dark backgrounds. Print your image (or text) onto the paper with your inkjet printer and then run your decal through a laminator with the laminating sheet provided. The laminating process seals the ink, preventing it from running. Submerging your decal in water and then it is ready to be transferred onto your project. And once you've done this you just need to wait 24 hours for the transfer to harden. Perfect!

Once purchased you should store this decal paper carefully (away from moisture) and use it within one year.

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