Japanese Traditional Handmade Papers A4

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•  Beautiful Japanese Chiyogami with rich and vibrant designs
•  Thick, acid-free, washi paper which will complement any papercraft project
•  Delicately hand printed with gold ink highlights and outlines

This excellent quality paper is produced in Japan by a small, family run, village businesses. This means that the print runs are limited and once these designs have been sold, it will be difficult to obtain exactly the same designs again.
The papers are not to be confused with Origami paper. They are a thicker washi paper and have been handprinted not machine printed using traditional designs. It's difficult to catch the beauty of these papers on camera, the photos cannot capture the rich colours and the gold ink highlights and outlines.
Oriental designs are all the rage at the moment and we thought these designs would add a twist to the more conventional designs available. The papers show scenes of small children on stilts and bunnies hopping in fields full of spring flowers. These unique papers will add quality and glamour to any papercraft project and the mixed pack of 10 sheets contains varied designs so you can have a bit of everything.
Acid-free. Supplied in A4 sheets, 13gsm.