Cotton - Washable

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•  Superior quality 100% cotton sheeting that you can print on
•  These 220gsm cotton sheets will glide through your inkjet printer just like paper
•  Your printed cotton sheeting can be machine sewn or even embroidered
•  Perfect for quilting, interior design, children's' clothing and even toys and rag dolls!
•  Your photo quality images will stay bright and sharp, even when washed repeatedly

These high-quality printable cotton sheets are backed with paper so that they'll glide easily through your inkjet printer - no fuss, no mess. Printing onto this cotton is no more complicated than printing photos onto paper, and you'll get wonderfully crisp, clear images (and/or text) every time. Just peel off the backing sheet and leave the cotton to dry for an hour before sewing. These cotton sheets are 100% washable (by hand). Only for use in an inkjet printer.

Once printed, the cotton sheeting can be machine sewn or embroidered. Your images will still stay bright and sharp, even when washed repeatedly.
These sheets are absolutely perfect for 'professionally' personalising quilts, cushion covers, curtains, tote bags, bed linen, children's clothes, dolls' clothes… Why not go to town with the soft furnishings for the dolls' house? Let your imagination take over!

Now also available in A4 sized paper

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