Double Sided Fabric - Washable

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•  Print on both sides, water-resistant once printed
•  Can be machine stitched and won't fray once cut
•  Wipe clean so ideal for textile and interior design projects
•  Perfect for easy, beautiful bunting!

This 100% polyester woven fabric is very robust and the great thing about it is you can print on both sides. It is quite thick, at 300gsm in weight, and is soft enough to sew by machine. It will not fray when it is cut and looks a lot like blackout fabric. When printed it is water-resistant so your design will not smudge if it comes into contact with water, it could also be wiped clean if needed.
You could use it to make fabric books for children. It does not fray when cut so would be great for making labels for fabric projects and clothes. It could be used to make place mats for the table because it can be wiped clean or bunting for your garden or pendant flags and signs.
This fabric prints off beautifully for a photo quality finish. It does not have a backing paper like our other fabrics; it is stiff enough to print directly through a normal inkjet printer. Print onto one side then turn it over and print onto the other side, both sides are white. This fabric can only be used in inkjet printers.
If you are looking for a robust fabric which can be printed through an inkjet printer and needs to be water-resistant this is the fabric to go for.