Iron On Cotton - Washable
Iron On Cotton - Washable
Iron On Cotton - Washable

Iron On Cotton - Washable

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•  Superior quality 100% cotton sheeting you can print on with an inkjet printer
•  Printable fabric that can be ironed on to your project because of its special backing
•  As easy to use as transfer papers but these hard-wearing fabric sheets are pure cotton
•  Once ironed on, your printed design will stay stuck, you can even machine wash at 40°C
•  Crisp, clear images that won't fade or crack, even after repeated washing.
•  Perfect for quilting, interior design, childrens' clothing and even toys and rag dolls!

Here are the perfect cotton sheets for anyone who wants all the benefits of cotton but doesn't want to sew. They're made from 100% pure cotton with a special backing that enables you to iron them onto your project. Not to be confused with paper transfers, which are a different product altogether, these hard-wearing pure cotton sheets are super easy to print through your inkjet printer and your images (and/or text) will be crisp and clear. And, what's more, they're guaranteed to stay that way, without fading or cracking, even after repeated washing.

After printing, leave the cotton sheet to dry for around one hour, peel off the paper backing sheet and iron the fabric onto your project (which can be any surface that will take an iron).
You'll get a 3D effect and the quality of the cotton will always be evident.

These sheets are ideal for customising soft furnishings, clothes, bags and bedlinen and a real boon for creating iron-on labels!

Machine wash 40°C. White, A4 sheets.

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