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•  Printable polyester fabric with an adhesive backing
•  Prints easily and images are bright, saturated and colourful
•  Created for smooth and professional art printing and binding
•  Use on plastic, wood, cardstock, wax, leather and glass
•  Perfect for name cards, handmade books, scrapbooking and personalising gift boxes
•  Crease-resistant, water-resistant, dust-resistant and heat-resistant

What is Pabric adhesive sticker? It is 100% polyester fabric with an adhesive backing. Its printing properties are fantastic - images are bright, saturated, and colourful. This fabric is so easy to use, place it in your printer and print, no need to change your settings.
Pabric has a smooth paper-like printing surface and is crease-resistant, dust-resistant, heat-resistant and water-resistant so it can be applied to a diverse range of craft projects and commercial products.
Pabric Sticker is created for smooth and professional art printing and binding. The fabric sheet has two layers, the fabric and the adhesive. Print and bind. Clean, easy and smooth. The adhesive binds firmly to most surfaces, including plastic, wood, cardstock, cardboard, wax, leather and glass so long as the surface hasn't been painted or coated in something. The fabric is sturdy and can be removed from most surfaces with limited damage.
You can use Pabric for art printing and art reproduction. You could make art cards, name cards, small posters, postcards, wall hangings, handmade books, notebooks and scrapbooking pages or you could personalise wraps and gift boxes. It could also be used to make fashion designers' clothing price tags, and much more. Sheets are 0.45mm thick, 266gsm.
You can read more about Pabric at
These white, self-adhesive sheets are U.S. Letter sized. U.S. Letter and A4 sized paper are very similar in size. Most printers will have a U.S. Letter setting as well as A4. (A4 - 210 x 297mm, U.S. Letter - 215.9 x 279.4mm).

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