Printable Fire Retardant Fabric

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•  A ground breaking fabric with fire retardant properties that you can print on!
•  Perfect for lampshades, but ideal for any project which requires fire resistance
•  Conforms to health and safety regulations
•  Cuts easily with scissors and simple to sew by machine

This useful fabric is 100% polyester, it is fire retardant and printable through any kind of inkjet printer. It is sturdy enough to be printed without the need for backing paper or a carrier sheet.
Its fire resistant properties and pale cream colour with a lovely translucence make this fabric perfect for creating lampshades or covers for candle holders. It can also be used for making decorative radiator covers, or any other fabric project which needs to have fire resistance.
The fabric will not fray when fray when cut, and it is water resistant, so can be washed or wiped with a damp cloth. It can be sewn using a machine, although it is a very sturdy fabric which could make hand sewing impractical.

Weight approx. 235gsm. White. Printable on one side only. Safe for exposure to temperatures up to 220°C.

Suitable for use with inkjet printers only.

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