Fuzzy Paper US Letter

Gecko Paper

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•  A paper you can print on, with the texture of felt!
•  Can be printed just like any other paper and takes the ink beautifully
•  Design your own coloured or patterned carpets and rugs for your dolls' house
•  Easy to cut, glue and stitch
•  Ideal for making furry animal greetings cards or decorating childrens lampshades

Imagine what you could do with paper that has the texture of felt - and can be inkjet printed just like any other paper. This is a textile designer's dream come true! Fabulous for making things like rugs and carpets for dolls' houses. And the possibilities for handmade cards are endless: print images of animals and they'll have furry coats!
Our fuzzy paper takes the ink beautifully. And once you've printed it you can either glue or sew your furry creations onto your projects, be they children's lampshades, greeting cards or whatever. It comes in white only - you add the colour when you get printing!
Sheets are US Letter sized. U.S. Letter and A4 sized paper are very similar in size. Most printers will have a U.S. Letter setting as well as A4. (A4 - 210 x 297mm, U.S. Letter - 215.9 x 279.4mm).

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