Best Quality Calico - Washable

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•  Calico is one of the most popular fabrics used for textile work so we've produced these calico sheets that you can inkjet a design onto
•  Print your crisp, clear image straight onto your fabric sheet, it's as easy as printing paper
•  Once you printed design has dried, you can sew this 100% cotton calico sheet as you would any fabric
•  Perfect for cushion covers, bags, home decor and rustic decorations
•  Your images will stay bright and sharp, even when washed repeatedly

These best quality, printable 100% cotton calico sheets are backed with paper so that they'll glide easily through your inkjet printer - no fuss, no mess. Printing onto this cotton is no more complicated than printing photos onto paper, and you'll get wonderfully crisp, clear images (and/or text) every time. Just peel off the backing sheet and leave the cotton to dry for an hour before sewing. These calico sheets are 100% washable (by hand) and your images will still stay bright and sharp, even when washed repeatedly.
This calico is soft enough to stitch and the natural cream colour of the calico is perfect for neutral or rustic decorations and craft projects, why not make some cushion covers or maybe a tote bag?