Printable Aida - 14 Count Cotton

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•  Embroidery fabric that you can print onto using your inkjet printer
•  It's so easy to create your own cross-stitch patterns with this specially treated Aida
•  You can even wash your finished piece, just rinse out any excess ink before you start stitching
•  White, 14 count Aida

At last! Design your own cross stitch pattern without the need for any software. Now you can simply print directly to our specially coated 14 count white Aida. Print your own image onto its surface, enabling you to select your own Cotton A Broder colours and cross-stitch your very own design.

If the finished piece is intended to be washed we recommend that you allow your printed design to dry thoroughly then rinse to remove excess inks before stitching.
This fantastic printable fabric opens up endless creative opportunities!
Our Aida is mounted on special paper which you simply peel off once its gone through your inkjet printer. Happy stitching!

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