Cotton - Non Wash

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•  Print out precise, crystal clear images onto these 100% cotton sheets
•  These pure cotton sheets will glide through your inkjet printer, just like paper
•  Soft enough to hand stitch and strong enough to use on your sewing machine
•  Try using this versatile fabric for card making, scrapbooking and sewing projects
•  Water-resistant but not washable

These pure cotton sheets are the highest quality printable cotton sheets on the market. They glide easily through your inkjet printer - no fuss, no mess. Printing onto this cotton is no more complicated than printing photos onto paper, and you'll get wonderfully crisp, clear images (and/or text) every time. Just peel off the backing sheet and leave the cotton to dry for an hour before sewing/sticking. This 100% cotton fabric can be used for any kind of craft project from cardmaking, scrapbooking and sewing projects which do not need washing. The cotton is soft enough to sew by hand and strong enough for machine sewing.
This fabric is water-resistant but it is not washable.
White, A4 sheets.

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