Inkjet Acetate

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•  Superior quality, 100gsm acetate that you can print onto
•  Unique coating makes inks adhere better and dry faster - once dry it will not smudge
•  Ideal for exquisite stained glass windows in dolls' houses
•  Perfect for card making and brilliant for intricate icing designs in cake decoration

There are heaps of creative uses for inkjet-printable transparent acetate (besides making slides for overhead projectors). Use it to make your own stencils for example or to create charming little stained glass windows for dolls' houses. And when it comes to card making there's no end to what you can do with a few sheets of clear film.
Our acetate is no ordinary acetate: it has a special coating which makes the ink adhere better and dry faster. Once dry it will not smudge. 100gsm.