Iron-On Heat Transfer Paper For Light Fabrics

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•  Transparent heat transfer paper for transferring designs onto light coloured fabrics
•  Reverse your design on your computer, print it out using an inkjet printer, cut it out, then simply iron it onto your garment
•  Red grid transfer paper, gives a high quality, flexible, semi-matt finish
•  Images retain an incredible level of detail
•  Durable finished designs can be machine washed at 40°C!

These papers are a million miles away from the majority of heat transfer papers on the market. No plastic-like finish, no awkward shine, just a subtle, semi-matt finish on images that retain an incredible level of detail. Fabulously easy to use with amazing results - transfer the image onto any fabric or garment that can be pressed with a hot iron.

Just print using an inkjet printer, cut out and position them, protect them with the silicone paper provided and iron them on. Your images will fuse firmly to the fabric (even synthetics, so long as they can withstand the heat of the iron) and you would never guess that they started life as pieces of paper! Once you've transferred your design, it's there to stay: wash at 40°C with no fading or deterioration.

Use in conjunction with our many fabric blanks to make personalised t-shirts, aprons, cushion covers and much, much more.

What is the difference in the coloured grids? Yellow Grid for light fabrics has a soft natural finish, you do not have to reverse the print with this paper. Red Grid for light fabrics has a slight semi-matt finish but it's not shiny compared to cheaper heat transfer papers, it prints beautifully and washes well and keeps its colour, you have to reverse the print to use this paper. The grids are on the backing paper so that you can easily differentiate between the different types, they're not on the actual transfer paper and won't transfer onto the fabric.