Laser Adhesive Papers
Laser Adhesive Papers

Laser Adhesive Papers

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•  Print your own stickers quickly and easily using any type of laser printer
•  Perfect for making photo greetings cards or scrapbooking
•  High quality, 100 micron weight sticky-backed paper available in Clear or Glossy White
•  There are so many uses, from labelling jam jars to applying logos to model aircraft

These A4 adhesive papers can be used in any type of laser printer. 100 microns in weight, choose from Clear adhesive paper or Glossy White adhesive paper.
They have a multitude of uses - for everyone from model-makers to people who like to label their filing systems and home-made preserves! Make cost-effective labels - large or small - for everything from jam jars to storage boxes, from book jackets to model aircraft. Stick your printed images onto homemade greeting cards and into scrapbooks, and use them in your craft projects.