Laser Heat Transfer Paper
Laser Heat Transfer Paper

Laser Heat Transfer Paper

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•  High quality, heat transfer paper for transferring designs onto fabrics
•  Print your design using a laser printer or photocopier, cut it out, then simply iron it on
•  Opaque white paper for dark fabrics, gives a subtle, semi-matt finish
•  Machine wash at up to 40°C with no fading or deterioration
•  Not suitable for use with laser printers that use fuser oil or that operate at temperatures higher than 120°C

This is tip-top quality heat transfer paper for use with laser printers and copiers. Once you've transferred your design, using either a domestic iron or a heat press, it's there to stay: wash at 40°C with no fading or deterioration. We've tested the paper extensively and have found that images refuse to budge or fade even when put through a hot wash!
These papers are a million miles away from the majority of heat transfer papers on the market. No plastic-like finish, no awkward shine, just a subtle, semi-matt finish and you can transfer designs onto any fabric or garment that can be pressed with a hot iron - even synthetics!
If you are using the paper for dark fabric there is no need to reverse the print. If you are using the paper for light fabrics then you will have reverse your image before printing.
Use this heat transfer paper in conjunction with our many fabric blanks to make personalised t-shirts, aprons, cushion covers and much, much more.
Never use this transfer paper with laser printers which use fuser oil. Please check your user manual to ensure that your laser printer operates at temperatures no higher than 120-125°C. If your printer is too hot the transfer process may start to take place in the printer which will ruin your image and may damage your printer.