Laser Transfer Foils

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•  Create shimmery, glittery craft creations with our luxurious laser foils
•  Print any design onto paper or card using a laser printer or photocopier
•  Lay the foil over your printed image, run it through a laminator and it will stick to the toner
•  Create professional looking, metallic foiled invitations or greetings cards - easily!

Use Laser Transfer Foils to add a great metallic finish to any craft project. This has to be the easiest method to get stunning glittery results every time using a laser printer or photocopier and a laminator.
You don't need to use any special kind of paper and you don't have to add the foil straight after printing. Use any black image to transfer foil to the surface. It's incredibly quick and easy.
How does it work? Choose any black image, the blacker the better. Print the images off using any paper and through any kind of laser printer of copier. Cut out a piece of foil slightly larger than the design and place on top of your print. Make sure you have the shiny side facing upwards. Lay a piece of paper over your project and then run it through a laminating machine set on high heat. If you do not have a laminator, you can use an iron instead. When using an iron you will need to set it to low heat as it transfers the foil very quickly and if it is too hot the foil will not stick property. Once the paper has been laminated or ironed you will see that it is sticking to the black part of the image. Peel off the foil the reveal your glittering creation.
If you are more technically minded and can use a graphics program and combine coloured print with the foils. Make your image including the black image you want to transfer the foil onto. Hide the coloured images using your graphics program and just print off the black images. Transfer the foils to the black images. Then print again but this time hide the black images by making them white and show the coloured images. This way you can have coloured prints and foil at the same time.
Create great effects using the laser transfer foils. Print on any kind of paper from light to dark, plain to textured. You can use as many foil colours as you like together to create a multi-coloured effect.
These foils are perfect for: Invitations, Certificates, Cardmaking, Embellishments, Scrapbooking, and much more...
15cm x 1m rolls of foil available in a variety of exciting colours.

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