Light Duty Scalpel Knife

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•  Light duty craft knife with textured handle for extra grip
•  Ideal for fine angles and long cuts, trimming and scoring
•  Best suited to cutting lightweight materials
•  Clever design makes it safe and easy to change blades
•  Includes a pointed blade

A traditional cutting knife, easy to use and to replace the blade. Refill blades are available here too.
4-jaw chuck with a surgically sharp interchangeable blade and textured handle.
To change the blades, twist the rough area around the blade base and slip out the old blade. Place a new blade into the slot and twist tight. They are easier and safer to use than surgical knives because you don't have to break off the old blade to replace it.
If you find you can't cut out awkward to get at areas with a pair of scissors, these knives are the answer. We find them invaluable and they are an essential item for papercrafts.
148mm long, 6mm wide craft knife supplied with a pointed blade. A pack of five replacement blades is available to buy separately.