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Magic Decal Paper

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•  Easy to use decal paper for products you want to be able to wash in the dishwasher

•  Use a laser printer (or photocopier) and a laminator and then simply bake in your oven at home
•  Get professional results on glass and glazed ceramics
•  Clear paper for use on light coloured surfaces

This is the decal paper you need if you want to decorate ceramics with your transfers and then be able to wash the ceramics in the dishwasher. This amazing paper enables you to use a laser printer (or photocopier) in combination with a laminating machine and your domestic oven to achieve effects that, until now, required hugely expensive 'sublimation' machinery and inks.

There's a sequence of processes involved, but each stage is easy. Just follow our detailed instructions and you can't go wrong. The results are stunning!

Choose the decal paper according to the surface you'll be applying the decal to: clear for light-coloured surfaces and white for dark ones. Broadly speaking, what you do is to print the sheet (remembering to reverse your image/text, your computer will enable you to do this) before passing it through the laminator. If you do not have a laser printer you can use a photocopier to print. Roughly cut the image out of the sheet and use a damp cloth and water to slide the decal off. Position it your ceramic object and 'fire' it in the oven (8-10 minutes). Leave to 'harden' for 24 hours - and nothing will fade or budge your design.


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