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NEW Gold and Silver Metallic Film-Free Laserjet Waterslide Decal Paper

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•  Easy to use decal papers for applying to Ceramic, Glass, Metal, Plastic, Wood. . . and so many more
•  Perfect for die-cast modellers, these give the best professional finish as their is no visible film
•  A laminator is required, and also a 'Decal Setting Solution, just print using a laser printer
•  Create original pieces of art to accent your décor
•  Can be baked on to Ceramic or Glass making it Dishwashing safe

IMPORTANT: Laminator and Decal Setting Solution is required.

This is a 3 sheet set.

These are the papers you need if you want the highest quality finish.  When used on Ceramic or Glass, these items after baking are tough enough to be dishwasher safe.  Our 'water-slide' papers are a 'dream come true' for professional model-makers: now you can make unique decals for all your trains, boats, planes, die casts, remote control models and the like. They're also perfect for transfers onto wood that has been painted or sealed, glass, plastics and melamine (for decorative plates, for example), and metal objects: no need to buy different papers for different surfaces. 

Use our laser water-slide decal sheets to make all sorts of personalised gifts for friends and family (and for dolls and their houses!) Remember, if you don't fancy creating your own artwork and scanning it, there's a boundless supply of stuff out there on the internet ready to be downloaded and used to create your own unique decals! 

Print your image or text onto the first blue back decal sheet using your laser printer, in black and white.  Then laminate with the metallic sheet.  Finally laminate once more using the 2nd decal sheet.  Now using a wet tissue, make the blue decal wet, and then remove leaving your decal ready to be transferred to its final destination.

Apply some Decal Setting Solution to the item awaiting the decal, and then wet the white decal sheet carrying your decal.  Place the decal on like you would a sticker, and remove the white decal paper.  Squeegee off the excess water and decal setting solution, and then set with either a hair drier or, place in the oven (or if item cant take the heat, it can naturally dry over 5 hours)

Once purchased you should store your decal paper carefully (away from moisture) and use it within one year.

A4 only

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