Print & Colour T-shirt Kit
Print & Colour T-shirt Kit
Print & Colour T-shirt Kit

Print & Colour T-shirt Kit

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•  Create your own fabulous T-shirt with this print and colour kit
•  Aimed at 7-12 year olds, the CD contains a library of fun images
•  Print your design, iron it on, then colour it in
•  It can be hard to colour directly onto fabric, it's easy to colour onto the transfer paper
•  Step by step photo instructions provided
•  Includes 32" T-shirt, marker pens, heat transfer paper, silicone paper and a CD

It's difficult to get the kids off the computer these days so why not combine the computer with some traditional fun. These kits have been designed to be easy for children to use with a fun animal theme.
The kit contains: a t-shirt with a generous size 32'' chest, 6 permanent marker pens in assorted colours, 2 sheets of heat transfer paper, a sheet of silicone paper and a Print and Colour images CD.
The CD contains step-by-step photo instructions and a library of images, it has been designed to be very easy to browse so that children can choose which images they would like to print off onto the heat transfer paper.
Once they have printed their chosen designs onto the heat transfer paper, they iron it onto the t-shirt provided. After it has cooled they use the pens to colour the designs in any way they wish. They can also use the CD to print out pictures on plain paper to colour or use more heat transfer paper to decorate any other clothing they may have or another T-shirt.
Any child can produce a great effect with this kit. Other t-shirt kits provide paints and pens for colouring directly onto fabric but these can be difficult and time consuming to use because the fabric pulls as they colour. By colouring in their design on the heat transfer paper, they get the ease of colouring and drawing onto paper as well as the joy of personalising a t-shirt they can wear.
We have aimed the kit at girls and boys aged 7-12.