Pulsar Decal PRO Fx


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•  Use Decal PRO Fx on any surface, including wood, paper, coated metals, plastic, ceramics and even silk
•  Create white lettering or a white image on a dark surface
•  Create metallic lettering or a metallic image on a dark or light surface
•  No carrier film - you will struggle to find the edge of your decal once it's been applied
•  Apply your own logos and slogans to any surface, even curved surfaces!

Pack of two replacement 8" x 10" Carrier Boards for use with the Decal PRO Fx system. If you've never tried it yet, our Full Kit comes with everything you need.
The Decal PRO Fx system could be the answer to many model makers' prayers. Helping you to create white lettering/image decals on a dark surface or metallic lettering on a dark or a light surface. These decals are produced with no carrier film.
You can use this system on any kind of surface, wood, coated metals, paper, plastics, ceramics, silk and even curved surfaces.
The System works as a wet and dry system together and uses foils. You need to print the special paper off using a laser printer or if you don't have a computer you can draw your images by hand and get the images copied onto the special paper using a photocopier.
Pulsar the company who produce this product has provided extremely accurate instructions of how to use this product. Visit their website www.decalprofx.com for examples of what this system could be used for.

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