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Inkjet Shrink Paper / Plastic by Grafix

Regular price £3.49 Sale price £2.99

•  Ingenious paper creates 3D pieces from 2D designs!
•  Print your design, then heat it and it will shrink to a hard solid object half the size
•  Create bright, inventive jewellery - just punch any holes before you shrink it
•  Acid-free so perfect for making card or scrapbook embellishments
•  You can use colouring pencils and pens too - print an outline for children to colour in

Use your computer and inkjet printer to design earrings and all sorts of other trinkets like buttons, badges, key rings and little things to stick onto hand made greeting cards! Just print your chosen design onto this paper, put it in the oven for two minutes (or use a heat gun) and, as if by magic, it will shrink into a hard, solid object half the size! Unlike other inkjet shrink papers on the market, Grafix can be stamped and drawn on too!
You can also use colouring pencils or felt tips on our shrink paper so children can create their own designs or colour in a printed black outline, just make sure any pens you use won't give off fumes when heated.
We stock Frosted and White papers. Acid-free, so great for scrapbooking
A4 sheets.

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