Silk - Non Wash
Silk - Non Wash

Silk - Non Wash

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•  High quality,16mm habotai silk that you can print on
•  These delicate but strong sheets of silk will run through any kind of inkjet printer
•  Once printed, remove the backing sheet and you're ready to sew!
•  Why not cover beads with your printed silk for distinctive jewellery designs?
•  Water-resistant but not washable

These silk fabric sheets are 16mm habotai silk. Great fabric if you want to achieve a quality look to any craft project or sewing project. Delicate but strong and easy to print through any kind of inkjet printer.
You could use them to make dolls clothes, cover books, add fab textures to scrap pages and lots more.
These sheets are water-resistant but not washable.
White, A4 sheets, 37gsm.