Transcryl Transfer Medium 250ml

Gecko Paper

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•  Turn any printed image into a decal with this amazing transfer medium
•  You can use any uncoated paper, including newspapers, non-glossy magazines, photocopies or print outs
•  Decals created using Transcryl can be applied to many surfaces to create the perfect gift

An amazing transfer medium, which will transfer your own images from a piece of printed paper and turn them into a decal. Text and images from newspapers, non-glossy magazines, photocopies and inkjet prints can all be used to great effect as long as they are uncoated so that the Transcryl can work its magic. By coating the paper with Transcryl three times a plastic-like film is produced. Once the paper has been soaked away a decal is formed. Then using Transcryl as a glue, your decal can be applied to many surfaces. (Instructions are supplied). 250ml bottle.

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