UV Water Resistance Protection Spray UK SALES ONLY 400ml

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•  Print Guard's unique UV formulation has been proven to prevent colour shift and fading on all papers
•  Easy to apply spray that waterproofs and protects to keep your projects looking their best

Lyson Print Guard is an easy to apply spray coating that protects prints and art work from damage by water, moisture, UV and inhibits the ingress of gases that are always present in the atmosphere which degrade the print over time. Print Guard's unique UV formulation provides extended archival qualities preventing colour shift and fading on all papers and canvases. Once applied Print Guard is invisible and does not detract in any way from the original print.
Waterproofs, protects and greatly enhances fade-resistance. Not only does Lyson Print Guard protect your print but it has been proven to extend the longevity of the inks and prevent colour shift. A single spray can protects up to 64 A4 sized prints (using 2 coats).
400ml spray can.